We promote ownership, diversity, creativity and education in local heritage to all members of the public

Public Art Commissioning

Our public art commissions are obtained from public bodies Open Competitions and direct invitations to submit a proposal for a project.
With Open Competitions we seek out commissions that aim to improve awareness of local heritage, health and well being of the public, make public spaces safer and more welcoming and create new learning and creative development opportunities. We believe in enhancing, protecting and promoting public spaces for the community; this is what we feel most valuable to the public and rewarding to us as public artists.

Community Ownership

Ownership is achieved by involving the community early in the research and design process. We consider the public’s ideas in the design process and with acknowledgement of their part in the design, communities can take pride in seeing the artwork come to life and become part of their public space for all to enjoy.

Our Approach

Our approach starts with communication, consultation and the design concept. The commissioner is invited to our studios to see how we work.
The process normally progresses in phases as follows:

Phase 1. Research and consultation
Phase 2. Drawings and maquettes
Phase 3. Design approval, including H&S and budgeting
Phase 4. Workshops with community groups and schools
Phase 5. Fabrication
Phase 6. Installation
Phase 7. Unveiling