About Thrussells

Thomas and Gary

With a family background dating back to colonial India in Pune; Thomas Thrussell was an engineer for the civil service. His son Frank Thrussell then became an engineer in the British Army (R.E.M.E). Following in his father’s footsteps Gary Thrussell, trained as a mechanical engineer in a foundry.

Gary became self-employed in 1987, producing small sculptures for private collectors using his metal working knowledge. Gary then setup a new studio on Bodmin Moor with his son Thomas Thrussell who trained in metal fabrication. Gary and Thomas focused on a new business specialising in sculpture and moving into the public realm, as Thrussell and Thrussell, the name being a symbol of pride and heritage.

As Artist Metalsmiths following a line of metal workers and engineers we have taken this family background to a more creative level drawing inspiration from nature and cultural heritage. Working in mild steel, copper and stainless steel; using forging, welding and sheet metal working processes. We create, design and produce bespoke public art through consultation with commissioners whereby the community has a sense of ownership in the art work being produced. Our work can now be found nationwide in public spaces, schools and museums. We are available for private commissions and also make our own collection of organic sculpture for exhibitions in gardens, museums, art galleries and stately homes.

Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Commissioning Public Art