Hollywood style star bum prints to mark the spot where the Beatles sat in 1967 ⠀

The City of Plymouth commissioned Thrussells commemorate the moment the Beatles visited the city by creating a unique artwork mounted in the lawns of this famous seafront park of Plymouth Hoe. ⠀

Back in 1967 the Beatles sat casually taking in the view of Plymouth Sound seafront. This image went on to become an iconic image of the group and forever left the spot in the park famous for having had the Beatles bum sat upon it’s green lawn. ⠀

Thrussells were commissioned to commemorate the spot with a durable and interactive artwork. As the entire seafront area is protected and the city council didn’t want an artwork that took away from the feeling of open space. The final design was agreed to be an inset artwork and here was born the Bum imprints. When visitors are sat in the BeatleBums the artwork completely disappears allowing the visitors to recreate the famous photograph. Made from thick copper with a galvanised steel supporting subframe structure set deep in to the park lawns.

  • Completed 2015
  • Design and made by Thrussells
  • Galvanised Mild Steel and Copper
  • Commissioned by Plymouth City Council

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