Triberg Eagle

Giant Eagle sculpture designed and made for Triberg birds of pray zoo in Germany – Greifvogel- und Eulenpark Triberg

The giant eagle sculpture was commissioned to celebrate the native bird of pray in the Black Forest. The sculpture sits on a perch which includes an integrated sign. 

Thrussells created the Triberg Eagle in Cornwall and delivered to the Black Forest in September 2019. The eagle was created from mild steel and finished in hot dipped zinc galvanise. A great deal of time was spent creating each feather and detail on the sculpture to create a striking and durable sculpture that stand proud in Triberg and is now part of the many attraction that draw tourist from across Europe. The Triberg Eagle has been recognised for it’s high quality and use of material by the American Galvanizing Association winning the award for Excellence in the International Category 2020.    

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  • Completed 2019
  • Design and made by Thrussells
  • Galvanised Mild Steel
  • Commissioned by Greifvogel- und Eulenpark in Germany

German News – Schwarzwaelder-Bote

British News – Western Morning News – DevonLive

Award Winner – American Galvanizing Association