Have you seen ‘The Birds’

    Autumn is fast approaching here in Cornwall, that feeling of fresh mornings with a brisk cool breeze and an odd leaf blowing down the road has started the shift away from the summer feeling. The birds have started to leave for warmer climates and the black birds, Rooks and Gulls are starting to become the dominant birds around. 

    The feeing is set for a story which was written many years ago in the harbour town of Fowey here in Cornwall. Daphne Du Maurier wrote her short story of ‘The Birds’ if you haven’t read it or seen the Alfred Hitchcock film then I would recommend you check it out! It’s a somewhat sinister story of the birds taking back the land and reclaiming their dinosaurs like dominance over man.. a creepy, strange story but very memorable indeed.

    I talk about this because we Thrussells have been inspired by the story for the creation of our recent public sculpture know as the ‘Rook With A Book’ which perches on the harbour wall in Fowey Cornwall. The giant Bird stands proud and ominous holding a book titled The Birds. The sculpture is a mashup of a dinosaur size bird and a fictional character from Du Maurier’s story. This sculpture is a celebration of

    Daphne Du Maurier, a great writer who was massively inspired by Cornwall and all things mysterious.  As in her story the birds amass in a giant flock over a fictional town, much like this story the giant ‘Rook With A Book’ has many followers now known as ‘Rook statues’ theses little statues have been appearing all over the place.

    small resin statue of 'Rook With A Book' sat upon a collection flowers Daphne Du Maurier books with a vase of Hydrangeas

    Rooks, Rooks and Books

    These little Rook statues are direct copies of the giant ‘Rook With A Book’ sculpture in Fowey. These’s little Rooks have been taking flight across the U.K. France and USA over the summer of 2018. Created by Thrussells and cast by Design Clinic and Parrott Creations.

    Rooks can be either displayed on a writing room desktop or displayed in an antique style glass dome, these little Rooks really have become popular since they were let loose in June of 2018.

    They have a mind of their own and just like their giant mother ‘Rook With A Book’ officially named Isla. Isla keeps a look out over the harbour opposite Du Maurier famous riverside home with an ominous glint in her eye as if she maybe hatching a plan.

    How the Rooks migrated

    With the popularity of ‘Rook With A Book’ sculpture we were asked by many people if we would create smaller versions of the Rook for interior display, although a smaller sculpture is possible to make, it would require many weeks of careful creation to get the same level of detail as the giant ‘Rook With A Book’ sculpture.

    And so we hatched a plan to have the giant Rook 3D scanned and from this scan a virtual model was created as a digital copy of the Rook With A Book. A very clever man named Louis Turner from Falmouth brought together our scan to create the digital copy and in turn Louis 3D printed the miniature replica Rook, now known as the Rook statue! This 3D master was taken to a resin casters for reproduction. And as they say the rest is history.