Heart of Kerdroya

To celebrate the famous Cornish hedge and the 60th year of the Cornwall Area Of OutstandingNatural Beauty, Thrussells were commissioned to create a central artwork to complement the much large landscape public artwork called KERDROYA  a giant Cornish hedge labyrinth. This giant public artwork labyrinth has been built at the heart of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

Thrussells were commissioned by Golden Tree Productions CIC in Cornwall, Golden Tree mastermind projects that celebrate Cornish language, heritage and identity.

The entire Kerdroya artwork has been designed to last for generations the Cornish hedgerows have example in Cornwall that have been standing for four-thousand years the entire Kerdroya landscape artwork and Thrussells artwork has been designed to be of the highest standard with the aim to last for an equal amount of time.

The Heart of Kerdroya’s design mirrors the landscape artwork labyrinth, the artwork incorporates channels for rainwater to gather and flow with a drainage point at the centre representing energy flow and all thing cycles into one. The entire artwork is made from three core metals a galvanised steel supporting structure forms the base of the artwork, this structure is hidden but provides the incredibly strong base for the Repoussé copper channels all hand beaten. The copper is secured in place by marine stainless steel capping layer which provides a beautiful clean metallic surface.

The entire project was documented by Golden Tree via Youtube and Channel 4 TV show called Devon and Cornwall series 4, episode 4.   

  • Commissioned 2020
  • Design and made by Thrussells
  • Marine Stainless Steel, Copper and Galvanised Mild Steel
  • Commissioned by Golden Tree Productions in Cornwall

Youtube – The Heart of Kerdroya – Full Film

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